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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Leanne Dixon has written a song for you...

Ballyporeen singer songwriter Leanne Dixon has just released her newest song, as a teaser for the EP to come.

'Song for You' was written by Leanne and contrasts to previous releases, which were written by her brother Stewart.

The young woman from South Tipperary has a 'Beautiful South' echo to her voice in this track and it is clear that the song comes from the heart and really tells a story, giving a snapshot into a scene from Leanne's own life.

With a slight country and western tinge to it, the song is catchy and will have you singing along.

I have been writing about the Dixon siblings since they first released their own music and they have been making waves on the Irish music scene ever since - Leanne's rendition of Skyfall by Adele is particularly haunting and stunning (request it the next time she takes to the stage in your vicinity).

Leanne released her debut EP in 2014 and Slide Away, Sail Away sold more than 150 copies, won seven awards and continues to garner acclaim.

'Song for You' will be released on September 23 and will be the first release from her new EP Brand New Day.

Time to sit back and await the EP release now...

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